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Roof "Terms" to Know When Working with a Roofing Company

When working with a roofing contractor in Bethlehem, PA, it can sometimes feel like you're speaking two different languages. But don't fret – just knowing a few key roofing terms can help you bridge the gap when you need roof repair in Bethlehem, PA!

Read on to learn the most important terms in roofing!


Roof decking refers to the boards that form the “base” your shingles or other roofing material rest upon. While wood is a popular choice for the best roofing in Bethlehem, PA, decking can be steel or concrete, too.

The decking can be damaged even when the shingles look fine. Keep an eye out for a sagging roofline, holes, or mildew.

Drip Edge

The drip edge sits at the edge of your roof. It has an L-shape that helps to deflect water away from the shingles and fascia – it's one of the most important parts of affordable roofing in Bethlehem, PA.

In the northeast, drip edges are a must for keeping water, snow, and ice from damaging your roof.


A gable is a triangle roofing shape, especially one that juts out of the house. Gable can also refer to the decorative roofing above a window.

Gabled styles are very popular in the northeast – roofers in Bethlehem, PA, should be able to reroof gabled homes easily.


A fascia is a long board that sits under the roof and below and behind a home's rain gutters. It provides a stable base for the gutters and protects against moisture.

Damaged fascia's call for immediate roof repair in Bethlehem, PA, as damage can lead to mold growth.


Flashing refers to small plates, usually made of metal that deflect water away from important roof areas like chimneys, vents, and skylights. Flashing is vital to preventing leaks inside the home.

The best roofing in Bethlehem, PA, has sturdy flashing that deflects away the worst of rain and snow storms.


A hip refers to the connection between two different roof slopes. Think of a roof where all four sides are sloped – where the front and back pieces meet the rest of the roof are hips.

Roofers in Bethlehem, PA, advise that when the hip is damaged, the roof is at risk of leaks.


A ridge is where two planes of the roof meet. In the simplest systems with two sloping sides, the ridge runs down the length of the roof.

The ridge needs to be well protected to prevent leaks. A good roofing contractor in Bethlehem, PA, will take care of the ridge.


Soffit refers to the surface underneath an eave, balcony, or arch. It protects the rafters from sun and rain, but it's also often used as a design element.

If you're getting roofing in Bethlehem, PA, a well-made soffit can add a decorative touch!

Know What You're Buying

Understanding roofing terms doesn't just mean you can chat knowledgeably with your roofer about the project. It's important to understand what you're buying when you book affordable roofing in Bethlehem, PA, and how the system protects your home.

Keep this glossary on hand and book roofing services with confidence!

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